Our name om | nieuwe energie stands for transitioning to new durable forms of energy.
100% renewable energy out of sun and wind

Contributing to a sustainable city is easy!

The Cohesion and om | nieuwe energie work together to increase sustainable living in The Netherlands. We do that by supplying the buildings of The Cohesion and the appartments with 100% renewable energy. Clean energy which we produce in your own neighbourhood by roofs full of solar panels and local wind turbines.

You may have some questions regarding applying for energy from om | nieuwe energie. Therefore we have enlisted the most common answers to application below.

Given a 10 out of 10 by Consumentenbond, Greenpeace, WISE and Natuur&Milieu.
Highest-rated energy supplier

Why choose om | nieuwe energie?

  • 100% sustainable energy, produced by wind and sun.
  • Non-Profit: All profits flow back by lowering prices and producing more sustainable energy.
  • Ranked as the highest-rated energy supplier by the Consumers’ Association.
  • Helps to stimulate the local economy and to make the environment more sustainable.
When you apply your montly costs are calculated

How to join?

You can apply for 100% renewable energy from om | nieuwe energie throug the link below. This link will direct you to our online tool which calculates how much energy we expect you to consume within the coming year.

Based on this information you get to see the estimated montly cost of the different products we are currently offering. After choosing the product of your liking, we will ask you to complete the form with your personal details. After signing up you will receive your contract by mail.

Every customer has the opportunity to revoke their application within 14 days. This is required by Dutch law. Because of this the start of your energy supply will always lie at least 14 days in the future. Please contact us directly when energy supply is needed earlier.

NB: when entering your address in our online tool, make sure to enter your full address including the house number and suffix.

Elektrisch rijden
If you need help with your application, feel free to contact us at info@samenom.nl or 0222-760 044.
The choice between fixed or Flex mostly depends on whether you want to ensure that your price remains the same.
Energy contracts

Fixed or Flex prices?

At om | nieuwe energie you have the option to choose between 2 different contracts: 1 year fixed and Flex.

With a fixed contract the energy price per kWh stays the same for as long as the contract is running. However, the price you pay depends on the month in which you apply for energy. Our fixed prices change every month. For example: If you apply in April for a 1 year fixed contract, you will get the prices of April for that whole period.

With a fixed contract you are unable to freely switch to another supplier as long as your contract is running. You are however able to switch by paying a fine.

Flex prices are re-established each month on the basis of the current market situation. When you apply for a Flex contract, the rates automatically change every month. The initial installment amount is based on the current rates of the month in which your energy supply starts. This amount can therefore differ from the installment amount mentioned on your contract.

In contrast to a fixed contract you are not bound to a set period and you are free to change supplier or switch to a fixed price whenever you want. You can read more about this type of contract on this page.

After one year we'll check how much energy you have consumed

Payments and meter readings

When you apply for energy we estimate what amount of energy you will use within the coming year. Each month you will pay 1/12 of the total amount of energy we expect you to use.

After twelve months of supply we look at your meter readings to determine how much energy you’ve actually consumed and hold these numbers against the applicable rates.

This will result in you either getting a refund, or having to pay a little extra.

meterstanden v
You have the option to pay each month manually or pay by direct debit.


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Is your question not answered on this page? Contact us at info@samenom.nl or 0222-760 044.