Tips to eat more sustainably!


Are you planning to eat less meat? Then you are doing a great job for an animal-friendly and sustainable world! Animal products contribute for more than 12.5% ​​of global greenhouse gas emissions. And to help you on your way, we’ve listed some tips for you below.

Meat substitutes

The range of meat substitutes in the supermarket is increasing. Both for vegetarians and vegans. Try out different ones and we’re sure that there are some to your liking. However make sure you these products don’t contain too much salt and saturated fats.

Other cuisines

In Western cuisine, meat is almost always a regular part of the meal, but that does not apply to other cuisines. If you’re not into meat substitutes, look out for dishes that don’t contain meat anyways, such as an Indian curry or an Oriental shakshuka. Because of the rich flavors of these dishes, you don’t need meat at all.

Favorite dishes

Make sure your favorite dishes taste great without meat. You will eat these often and if you are able to find a way to cut out the meat, it will become an easy habit. In many dishes it is the combination of other ingredients that provides the taste experience, such as with a spaghetti sauce or a hamburger. A bun topped with lettuce, tomato and a sauce tastes just as good with a meat substitute burger.

Prepare your vegetables in a different way

Make your vegetables a more important part of your meal by preparing them differently. So don’t just cook them, but also bake, steam or grill them. And don’t forget to marinate or au gratin, for example. You won’t even miss your meat!


Do you want to completely get rid of animal products? Then read carefully, so that you know which ingredients to avoid. The internet is full of tips and tasty recipes for a varied and healthy diet. In addition, you will find many vegan alternatives in the supermarket for milk, cheese and yogurt.


Do you want to cut back on meat, but do you find it quite difficult? Then try to do it step by step. For example, choose fixed days of the week on which you don’t eat meat and make dishes with legumes (such as hummus), eggs or nuts. Every step you take is valuable. When you do this more often, you will get used to it more and more and it will become easier.